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Company Information

Peyton Performance Automotive, Inc. began operations in 1967, led by Paul Peyton (Owner), Barbara Peyton (VP/Owner) and Rodney Peyton (President).

Their small shop, only 3600 square feet, began by building trailers and doing small metal fabrication projects. After Paul decided to build a race car to be sponsored by the business and began to gain exposure, friends started approaching him to have work done on their race cars. The business has since progressed to building complete, custom-built race cars for customers around the country.

As the racing end of the business was taking off, Peyton then decided to stock more race car parts and it soon became apparent that he was out of available shop space. In 1987, Paul decided to move the operation to its current location in Waxahachie, TX. The new location started as a 13,500 square foot shop on 22 acres but has, over the years, expanded to a 16,000 square foot shop and racing garage.

Peyton Performance Automotive, Inc. is proud of its accomplishments, including several of their Peyton chassis-constructed race cars winning national events and being selected as Editor's Choice at Super Chevy Sunday as well as his cars being selected Best Engineered at NHRA events. Peyton has also had numerous articles published in national magazines about his business, race cars and his cutting-edge, innovative designs.

In the last few years, Peyton has started specializing in more rear end work including gear set-up, custom rear ends, replacement rear ends for popular Ford and GM cars and pick-ups. Peyton also does shortening and re-splining of axles, bolt pattern re-drilling, all done in-house. In addition, Peyton also stocks a large inventory of rear end components including over 400 sets of ring and pinions, shim and installation kits, rear brake sets as well as spools, pinion supports, yokes and nodular and aluminum cases. Peyton even stocks many hard-to-find rear end components and hardware. See an article about us here or here.

Company Address

422 FM 1493, Waxahachie, TX 75167

Company Contact Information

Contact us via telephone at 972-923-1699 or via email by clicking the link below:


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